Oxford Canal Mural Painting Days (3)

Dan Wilson is the lead artist for the Oxford Canal Mural Project

Daniel Wilson (BA Fine Art) is a versatile and skilled Professional Artist based in Bucks. Often working under the moniker ‘De-create’, his artwork journeys through realism, abstraction, sign-writing and more, crossing genres and defying labels.

His varied portfolio takes in community projects, events, personal work and commercial jobs, resulting in stunning murals such as The Brunel Shed at High Wycombe Train Station.

Dan frequently collaborates with award-winning agency Soulful Creative and other artists. In his spare time, he enjoys Mountainboarding and runs an online magazine covering this alternative sport.

Oxford Canal Mural Painting Days (41)

Richard Wilson 

“This whole Spray-paint portrait thing started for me last year (2015). I started to try and paint the musicians and music makers that have been a part of my life for nearly 30 years. The idea to paint big portraits on walls was really just a way for me to try and express my love for the music they make, and a hobby really. I feel so inspired by what they create, it made me try and express myself.”




Oxford Canal Mural Painting Days (23)

Tom Webb

Artist, illustrator and all round good guy.

Something of a multidisciplinary art fiend, I produce a wide range of visual based work from illustration in digital and hand drawn formats, live artwork, fine art painting, murals, aerosol art, sign writing and tattoo design.

The Onion Design